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Corporate Art

The art of creating a positive working environment begins with
the very walls that surround you. A corporate art collection says a lot
not only about a company's internal ambience but also about
the image that is portrayed to customers and to the community
at large. It can motivate and inspire in ways that mere words cannot.
At, we offer you a collection of original art
to enhance your workplace. Although you will discover many
different pieces, they each exemplify a unique new art form
developed by artist Shanoor called Neo-Symbolic Expressionism or
Toto Coelo, which means "extreme conditions."
Using a mix of photography, oils, inks and acrylics, this art form
reinvigorates American icons by taking classic symbols to their
extreme and challenging the eye to see them in a vivid new way.
One example is Celebrate Freedom, a collection of unusual photomural
paintings developed as an impassioned response to the attacks of
September 11, 2001. Embracing the symbolism of the American flag,
this dramatic visual tribute to the nation's unity is a stunning addition
to the workplace.
In addition to corporate art, Shanoor can also create custom murals
for your workspace, another eye-catching way to set a tone or create
an image for the public.
To view some of Shanoor's work, visit Paintings or Archival Prints in the
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